Creating Online Course Evaluations

I wrote this quite a few years ago on an old LiveJournal blog but I’m putting it here for you to read, and for me to relive.

From (of course, the link is gone now but it points to their site… it is from the ACM), here is a short list of objectives to shoot for in developing evaluations in the design of an on-line course. This also serves as more of a quick list for me to remember what it is I should be trying to do when I work with redesigning my course, whether on-line or not. More specifically, it is a list of frames from which to approach the evaluation.

  1. Use what you already know. (What I know is limited, but I’m using it.)
  2. Seek value and meaning. (Not always easy, but worthwhile.)
  3. Evaluation is an important part of a bigger picture. (I already do a mid-term ITB inventory.)
  4. Products and results are imporant; process is important too. (Too many faculty focus on having enough time to “cover all the material” and don’t seem to care about engaging and discussing with students.)
  5. Making it better is the ultimate aim.

How can one develop their course when there is so much reading pedagogy research that needs to be done?!


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