Entering the Research Game – Computer Literacy Among Undergrads

My wife and I recently had a new baby, so I decided not to lecture my VBA course this summer and I ended up having only 6 weeks of layoff, which I am currently enjoying.

I go back to work August 25 and while due to certain complications I’m not sure yet if I’ll be lecturing a computer literacy course in September, I do have to get started on doing some more “professorial” type things if I want them to be done before classes start.

Over the past few years as a lab instructor I have been collecting data on my student’s level of computer skills and interactions at the beginning of the first year service course. The data I find is quite interesting, and I had it configured as a “quiz” in Desire2Learn so it will give students a “score” out of 100. It is interesting to see how their scores average less than 50, but really is to be expected considering it is based on material they are supposed to learn in the course.

But in order for me to be able to publish this information, I had to complete the TCPS 2 Core tutorials and will have to make sure my survey passes our ethics board approval. I’m a little nervous but since the data I collect will be anonymous and mostly for diagnostic purposes, I don’t expect there to be any problems getting approval. I just have to sit down and get to work on completing the proposal and updating the questions. Technically, this also means I can never post the data from the past 6 years I’ve been running the survey, but at least it will finally give me a base to start with, and I can always just look at the old data for fun 🙂

Today I stopped by to see my friend and colleague Karljürgen and we discussed his boat, among other things.

And then later today I spent time doing more of what takes me away from chatting and research, but I guess that’s ok too.



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